Monday, August 6, 2012

Find CHEAP gas...

Ok, I know, gas you ask?  What about the promised update on the Lazy Lizard??  I promise, I will get to that, but I wanted to tell you all how I find cheap gas, especially when traveling away from home.  There's a great website called that is perfect for people like you and me, and heck, just about anyone these days as gas prices have gone through the roof.

Now most of us probably know where the cheapest gas is in our home town, but what about when you are traveling?  How can I know that the Chevron right off the interstate is the best price?  Should I drive a mile down the road and see if Shell or Mobile is cheaper?  Maybe it will be, or maybe it won't.  You'll end up just wasting gas trying to find the cheapest stations.  

This is where gasbuddy comes in.   I can already here you growning, "I have to go to a website while I am traveling?"  Well, not really, because gasbuddy also has apps for Apple Iphone and Android phones.  Get your passenger or (shameless safety message coming) pull off the road, and start up the gas buddy app. It will access your phone's GPS and show you where the cheapest gas is in proximity to your location.  It will even give you directions (assuming your phone has this ability).  

Yesterday, when going through Las Vegas, I saved 20 cents a gallon by using gasbuddy which told me to drive to the north end of town where gas was CHEAP!  A little further down the road, I was able to determine that I could wait till I got to Moab to top off my tank because gas here is about the same price as everywhere else in Utah.  (along my route, anyway)

Ok, so now for my update on The Lazy Lizard Hostel in Moab, Utah.  The entire place is in need of some TLC.  The doors don't fit well, the kitchen tools are old and the plastic tools like the spatulas are half melted.  The kitchen itself was pretty clean, at least, as much as I could seen in the rather dim lighting.

Outside, the BBQ igniter didn't work, and when I asked at the front desk, the man told me I needed a match to light it.   Ummm, ok, and?  Before I had a chance to ask him for one, a "kid" (who I think is the son of the owners) offered me his lighter.  The grounds are pretty much all dirt with some paving stones thrown here and there.  Did I mention this place needs some TLC?  

On the plus side, my room was clean, and had it's very own swamp cooler, which I promptly turned on.  It began to blow out cool air. (not as cold as an AC, but actually not too bad)  I then went to the bathroom... it was actually pretty clean.  The shower doors and walls have been freshly painted.  Oddly, the showers are made of OSB, which for those of you that know, is not really waterproof.  (trying really hard not to make a disparaging remark about the carpenter)  

But, I digress, the showers, as I said were freshly painted, and about as clean as you can expect for 5 in the afternoon at a very busy hostel.  They were no better or worse than some campground showers I have used over the years, so yes, I will be taking showers.  There are only three showers and two sinks, which I bet really stinks if you are trying to take your shower when everyone else is.  Luckily, as a photographer, I usually shower well before sunrise, or well after sunset, when no one is even awake.  

Okay, okay, I know, enough already, get to the photos!  Here are a few cell phone shots I took.  I will get a few more for tomorrow's entry.  Enjoy and thanks for reading!

My room and bed, check out the fancy sponged on faux finish:

The shower:

A critter I found in the bathroom this morning.  (the door is propped open all the time)

And finally, the front door to the office:


  1. This is where a Dreamie really would've come in handy. I bought a bunch online (they were 2 for $4.99...yep, I'm super cheap too!), I will save one for you...please remind me because I mean it.

  2. Thanks! I have no idea what it is, but I will look it up.